Raindrops keep falling

This week we played soccer in the mud and rain for 3.5 hours!!! It was a BLAST and the result was really wet hair and a few days of really sore muscles. Here are some pics:

Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Whitney came to our Relief Society activity this week. Michaela came to church. I had  an interview with President Hanks. (These are his last until he goes home.)  We were given Dr. Pepper two days in a row. AND we found 6 new investigators! It was a week full of little miracles and I’ve been so blessed.  I know the Lord puts us in the path, or puts others in our path, with whom we need to meet and share the Gospel.
 I got to 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and I was pondering on that fact that even after all the signs and wonders in Heaven, the people continued in their wickedness, or after a time FORGOT how great and marvelous the miracles were. Are we like this? Do we get so accustomed to God’s hand in our lives that we forget or don’t recognize the marvelous things He does for us? As I’ve tried to notice and be grateful for the blessing Heavenly Father has given me, my heart has softened and “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content.” (Phil. 4:11)
We had a neat experience this past week. When I was on an exchange we met a lady named Ann. She was busy at the time but told us we could come back. Always ready jump on any kind of interest, no matter how small, I went back when I was on another exchange later in the week. She was having dinner, but said, “Ok really, you can come back tomorrow. I’ll let you in then.”  So we went back the next day and she told us “you have 10 minutes.”  That 10 minutes turned into an hour long discussion on the Restoration and how the Gospel and the church could  help her life specifically. It was amazing to see that as we testified of we what we knew to be true, I could tell her heart and countenance softened and she was truly interested and wanted to learn more. She kept probing and was asking questions about when we go home. When she finally got it out of me that I was leaving in a few weeks she got sad and said, “Ok, then you definitely have to come back before you go!!”
As a mission we have been working on testifying more when we first meet people. As with Ann, we have seen that as we testify of the things we teach, the spirit comes and does the converting. People can fight against the facts we give them, but they can’t argue against somethings we profess to believe to be true.  I challenge y’all to bear your testimony as you speak. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, weepy kind of a thing. Follow the spirit and I promise that you will touch someone’s heart that is searching for peace and solace this week.
I love y’all! Remember who you are and stuff
Hermana Johnson
1) We went to Bass Pro Shop and saw the giant fish
2) Amy had her baby! We went and saw her on Sunday. Her little baby Christian is so cute!
3) We ate red Slurpees.
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