Easter and the Prophet

Hola everyone! I hope you all had a splendid Easter Sunday and that you took time to reflect on the Savior and what His Resurrection means to us. I love being in the South because most people here believe and God and Christ and we can talk to them about the Resurrection and show them the awesome new ‘Hallelujah’ video.

General Conference is this weekend! I have found that when I watch conference with a SPECIFIC question in mind, it’s always answered! Not in the way I always expect, but something someone says helps me see the way I need to go to progress in my life. I hope you do that and receive some truly inspired personal revelation this weekend.
Quick update on our awesome peeps we’re teaching:
Michaela: we had a great discussion with her on Friday. She loved church and told us she knows it is true. The spirit was so strong in our lesson and I’m so grateful I have been able to teach her this far and will be able to continue to teach her. We are soul sisters and I’m pretty sure best friends in the spirit world. She has all the same kind of questions I have and it has been truly amazing to see her grow. We are praying now that she will be able to get married soon and keep the word of wisdom so that she can get baptized.
Whitney: She reads the BOM everyday and she is just super solid. She teaches her boyfriend, when he’ll listen, and her kids loved church! We are having a FHE with her and the Bishop’s family tonight and I’m sure it will be great. She also has to get married to her boyfriend and then she can get baptized. There are a few things we need to work out with that, but we are praying that a miracle will happen and that she’ll be ready to go by April 30th! Prayers are greatly appreciated.
I’ve been thinking this week about the little choices we make everyday. Sometimes I think, “Does it really even matter if I say my morning prayers?” or “Do I need to have a good personal study EVERY day?”  The answer is YES!!! I love what Elder Holland said in a face to face he had with the YSA a few weeks ago. He said, “Whatever the question, the answer is always ‘the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  I know that is true! I hope that we can all look to the Savior and His Gospel, in the good times and in the bad. I know that if we put our trust in HIM and nothing else, we will find peace in a tumultuous world.
I love y’all my peeps.  Have a great week!!
Hermana Savanna Johnson
Take a book, leave a book. We couldn’t resist!
College sports get real here in the South, even to the death…
We had a great southern style Easter dinner.
The easter bunny came! (I love sis. Guase) And I held a rabbit, and a pig.🐖
The Plan of Salvation, oh it is wonderful!!!
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