Week of Miracles


This was such an incredible week I can barely contain my excitement!! So many great things and I know God is blessing our hard work and efforts in this area.
Great thing #1: I went on an exchange with Sis. _____ and we had an AMAZING conversation while we tracted a trailer park. We both have a LOT of questions about the Gospel and as we were talking in the car on the way to an appointment and she cried and said, “This is what I have been praying for. I feel so much better now and I’m so glad you are here to talk with me about these things.”  I know it wasn’t me, but it was the spirit that helped me and guided my words so I could say the right thing for her. Both our testimonies were strengthened and new insights about the Gospel came to us as we tried to figure things out. I’m so grateful for that exchange.
Awesome thing #2:  We were following-up with some people and we decided to knock on just one extra door before we had to go to Birmingham. We met a lady named Whitney and she is so solid!!! She has incredible questions and we have already had two lessons with her. We first taught her the Restoration and  Whitney asked this question, “So what are some of the crazy things y’all do or believe?”  We were able to clear some things up and have a good discussion about Prophets, something she thinks is really awesome.
    Then this morning we went and taught her the Plan of Salvation and she had some good thoughts and questions and the spirit was really strong when we talked about the Atonement and the Spirit World. She wants to raise her kids in this church and she told us that she has been carrying the BOM around with her and that she feels so different and good like she never has before. It was amazing.
Amazing thing #3: A few weeks ago we received a referral for a lady who wanted a BOM. We went to deliver it and her husband (who is an Atheist) was there so we dropped it off and said we would be back. We went back and she was busy but her husband told us she has been reading the BOM. That was cool!  We finally got to go back and teach her yesterday I had the most amazing logical confirmation that this Gospel is true that I have ever had. When we taught Michaela it was so amazing to hear her bear testimony of the Gospel she already knew was true before she even heard it.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she had questions like, “What do you believe about Christ and Satan’s relationship?”  “Is there progression between kingdoms?” “What do you believe about who were were before this life?”   She has done a LOT of personal study about tons of religions in the past few years and literally EVERYTHING she has found and believes on her own is what we believe also. Every time we answered a question, she would nod and say, “Yeah, I’ve always thought that.”  She told her husband a few days ago after reading the testimonies in the BOM that she will probably be a Mormon.  Teaching her has consumed my thoughts and I just want to plan, pray, and live so that she can continue to progress in her learning. I have never taught anyone like this and she just fell in her lap because she looked for us. The pursuit of knowledge is a priority in her life. You hardly ever meet anyone like that in Alabama! She doesn’t want comfort or the bare minimum, she wants the truth and is willing to do anything to know it and keep it.  I’m so excited to teach her and I know I wouldn’t be prepared to teach her at any other time in my mission; I’m very grateful for Heavenly Father’s timing.
So needless to say it was a GREAT week!! I hope y’all had a good week too. I know God blesses our sacrifice, even if it seems like NOTHING is happening for a while, he will keep his promises. Sometimes we work in ‘A’ and see the fruit in ‘B’, or even ‘C’ or ‘D’. It’s all in his timing.
Keep reading the BOM! It is an amazing book and the more I read it the more I know it is true. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I know this is the Church he leads. I love it and I love my Savior and he blesses me everyday.
Stay cool mis amigos, les quiero!!!!
Hermana Johnson
Some fun pics….
-Las Hermanas en Altadena, que bonitas!!
-We tried to find a less active. All we found was a dirt road. Nice hike though!
-We took Glamour shots….
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