Sorry it’s been so long folks! These last few weeks have been crazy and fun and crazy again!

Here’s a brief summary of some of the highlights:
-We were walking along, in the freezing cold, in the dark, when suddenly Hma. Charlesworth yelled in surprise. I thought something had crept out of the dark and was attacking her ankles, so I grabbed her by her shoulder bag and swung her around out of harms way, screaming in the process. I don’t know what I thought it was, but not anything good. We looked back and saw a big branch that had gotten caught on her tights.  We both laughed in relief and will never forget the night of the ‘stick attack’.
-We were driving and we saw an old man bent over in the road. We pulled up and asked what he was doing. He said, “I’m cleaning the street, trying to make America great again.” Oh how I love the South.
– We were tracting on Wednesday when when we got a call from Brooke. We had taught her and her family last the first lesson on Saturday and she had said she wanted to go to church that Sunday but then had to work. So she called us on Wednesday and said “I want to go to your Wednesday service”. (Almost every church has Wed. night service here.) We told her she could come to Young Womens! But we had a had an appointment planned at the same time so we did some calling around and I stayed with a member to be with Brooke at YW and Hma. Charlesworth went with a member to go teach another family. Brook came to young womens and had a great time. They played Mormon Trivia so I ended up explaining about Apostles, the Word of Wisdom, Temples, and all that good stuff. She went home that night and told her mom that she wants to be Mormon!!! We are praying for her and her family that they will all be receptive to the Gospel.
-This past month was Book of Mormon month. As a mission we wanted every companionship to pass out 40 copies of the BOM this month. Our zone passed out 822 alone! that’s a lot more than 40 per comp.  It has been so great to focus on the BOM and the power that it holds. I know that it is true. I know that if we read it and live by “it’s precepts” we will come closer to Christ than by any other book. I encourage y’all to read the the Book of Mormon and find it in the words of Eternal Life.
Love y’all, have a great week! The weather here has been superb. 60-70 every day. Have fun in the snow!!!
Peace and Blessings
Hermana Johnson
-District Meeting in Talladega (the racetrack is really cool!) Gotta love the Elder/Sister gap:)
-A sweet family in our war that sang “Called to Serve” on Sunday and made Hma. Charlesworth and I cry.
-Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!
-Last district meeting in Locust Fork.
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