100 hour week

The title says it all.  We got up every morning, got ready, and got out the door by 8:00 am. We would go store contacting or find people in the streets, the hills, or the houses with whom we could share the Gospel. We felt like Alma and Amulek. (But of course not as cool:)  So many great things happened! But I don’t have time or energy, and I don’t want to bore you will it all, so I’ll give you the highlights. (Feel free to not read this, but there are a few good parts. See *Day 3 for a laugh)

Day 1: It rained all day. There was major flooding from the storms during Christmas and the whole world was just wet. It was fun though, and we talked to a bunch of great people. We were able to see some really less active families so that was great too. I learned that we cannot let other peoples actions get in the way of our eternal and personal salvation. In other words-don’t be offended, the Gospel is perfect, not the people! Here is the fog over the river and some of the really flooded areas.
Inline image 3
Day 2: Every plan fell through. So we contacted old referrals and tracted every area we saw. We were out at night and went to try to see a Part Member/Less Active family. We saw the dad outside and he invited us in and we were able to teach him and re-teach his wife the restoration. (He also gave us deer steak which was really good.) He said he has always wanted to know more about the Mormons and it was cool because usually missionaries never get in to see him because his wife isn’t too into the church. 
We forgot to take a picture until the very end of the day. We were laughing really hard because we were starting to feel the tiredness…
Inline image 5
Day 3:  Ok so this day has the most EMBARRASSING story.  First, we taught one lady and were falling asleep so we got energy drinks  (for the first and probably the last time on my mission). But that’s not the embarrassing part. 
Inline image 8
Then we went looking a less active man named Grayson (remember the name, but it has been changed for privacy purposes). When we knocked on the house that we thought was his, a big cop-guy answered and said “I can’t tell you how many times y’all have knocked on my door looking for Grayson. He doesn’t live here!” We apologized profusely and said “we’ll make sure to make a note so no other missionaries knock on your door. Sorry, have a great day!”  We went on with our day and met some great people and then it got dark and we decided to go tracting around a less-active’s neighborhood. We both got a bad feeling so we were just driving around looking for a good neighborhood to knock doors. We found what we thought would be a good one. We knocked on a bunch of doors but no one was interested and then we knocked on one door and a big, balding, pot-bellied man with his shirt off answered the door.  Hma. Charlesworth said, “oh, did we wake you up?” He said, “NO.” Then I said, “I bet you’re wondering why two girls are knocking on your door at 8:00 at night.” And he said, “Yeah, you two knocked on my door this morning looking for Grayson.”  We stood on that porch and almost died of humiliation. It was the same cop-guy!!! AHHHHH. We didn’t recognize him without the uniform and we didn’t recognize the neighborhood! We both felt so dumb and extremely humiliated. He was pretty upset and just shut the door after we apologized again and tried to explain that we didn’t recognize the neighborhood.  It was so embarrassing and it took a good 30 min. to recover from that episode. In our defense, it was really dark and he really didn’t look like the same man. Oh the things that happen as a missionary.
Day 4:  We taught this awesome girl Kameron we are working with and her brother sat in on the lesson this time. They really understood the Plan of Salvation and they are both really sincere and want to learn more. It was a great lesson and the spirit was so strong and testified to me that what we were teaching was true. 
 We helped sister Fowler paint her wall in our room earlier this week. We got paint dust everywhere.
Inline image 10
Day 5: We had District Meeting and that took a lot of driving.We went out to Olive Garden for lunch with the cutest little old lady in our ward. She is a sassy southern woman who we just love!
Inline image 2
 That night we went out with a member and found an awesome family while we were looking for a Less Active that had moved. We were able to teach them the Restoration and the member, cute Sis. Smith, testified of a prophet in these days and it was really great. 
We found a dead deer. It was so gross. See attachment
Inline image 5
Day 6: We were really starting to feel the long week, but we kept working and were able to invite 74 people to hear the Gospel and teach 20 lessons. That was a record high for me on my mission in one day and it was neat because we didn’t teach just lessons, but we were teaching our brothers and sisters the Gospel and inviting them to come closer to Christ. We felt the Lord blessing us for all our work during the week and we found 3 really solid people that we are excited to go back to teach. One girl wanted to be baptized and was going to come to church. But then she texted us Sunday morning and said she had been reading the BOM and wasn’t sure. I guess she missed the part when we told her that we study the Bible too, because she asked “so I don’t know about this. Do you study the Bible too?” Some people do not listen.
Day 7: LAST DAY!! We didn’t want to knock on peoples doors at 8:00, so we invited everyone we saw to come to church with us later that afternoon. At church our old friend Antonio showed up. After dropping us right after we had a set a baptismal date with him, he showed up at church and bore his testimony! It was a great meeting and the spirit was there so strongly. We went out with a cute laurel later and then had dinner with a great family in the ward. It was 7:30 and we still needed 12 lessons to reach our goal for the week.  We prayed and then went out and knocked on every door and talked to everyone we saw. The Lord is so good because he put people in our path that we were able to teach the BOM to and we were able to meet our goal.
100 HOURS!!!
Inline image 9
It was an amazing week full of laughter, and the spirit, and the true joy of pure missionary work. I don’t know if I will ever do it again on my mission. But it was an experience I will never forget and I am so happy I was able to do it with my great friend Hermana Charlesworth.  I love that girl. I love this Gospel and I KNOW the church is true. I don’t just believe it anymore. I KNOW that Christ is the head of this church and Thomas S. Monson is the prophet for the world.
I Love you ALL! Thank you so much for all the Christmas cards, it was such an enjoyable December.  Now let’s bring in the New Year with love for God and our fellow men, which we can do by serving the Lord with all our “heart, might, mind, and strength.”  Thanks y’all for everything and que tengan una buena semana!!!
Hermana Johnson
Some pics I couldn’t put straight on the email. Hope you can see these!
1-me photographing the rain
2- when some people say we don’t believe in the bible
4- contacting at Wal-Mart at 10pm

Inline image 1Inline image 2

We both got really cool hand-made Indian quilts from some members.
-We actually got ready for Christmas day
-The fog over the river

Inline image 3Inline image 2

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