Hola y’all! The church just released the Christmas video for the season and it is so cute! Share it with all your friends on social media and let’s help the world get into the true spirit of Christmas.

We had a really great week this talking to everyone. Even though it felt like most of them didn’t want to listen we met a few really great people who seem interested, so we’re excited to follow up with them and see if they progress. One day we got a call from the sisters in a neighboring area who said that they met a lady who wanted a priesthood blessing, a Book of Mormon, and to be baptized. WHAT? We called her and hopefully we’ll be able to meet with her this week. The Lord works in mysterious ways and sometimes blesses us in our efforts in ways we don’t always expect.
We had Thanksgiving at a members house and it was fun to eat all the sweet potato pie I wanted, it’s my favorite!!! Here in the south they eat a lot of green bean casserole too. Maybe we eat in Utah, I just had never had it before my mission. IT’S SO GOOD.  It was a great day to reflect on all my blessings and the great things the Lord has given me. At district meeting we made a list of things we were grateful for and I didn’t have time to write it all. I am so thankful for this Gospel, my family, my mission, great inspired leaders and Jesus Christ. He IS the reason for the season.  I pray that we all be a little kinder and more charitable towards all of God’s children this season as we remember Him and His great life and Atonement.
I love y’all! Have a great week and do something nice for someone!
-Hermana Johnson
1: This is Elder Pavo. We wrote what we are grateful for on all his feathers throughout the month.
2: I don’t know why I always decide to pull the funny face. I love these great roommmates!
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