ABM stands for Alabama Birmingham Mission, and it’s the best! We saw this awesome truck while we were driving. We are definitely working on building missionaries of value here in Alabama.

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This week was super LOCA! This mission life is ALWAYS an adventure and I’m glad I’m keeping a journal of the things that happen. Some highlights from the week are:
-We taught a lesson with Hma. Santos to an investigator that we recently started teaching again. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in during my whole mission. Our awesome member invited her to be baptized and it was so amazing to hear the testimony and power of Hma. Santos conversion. She is so cool! We are excited to see the progress of all the people we are working with.
-Another thought that I heard/learned/not-sure-who-said-it this week: We meet so many people every day. Sometimes we meet them at a really good time in their life, other times it may be at their low. I want to invite all of you to treat and think of others that you meet this week as LOVED children of God.  We are all fighting battles, and as brothers and sisters in Christ we have the sacred responsibility to build and lift up those around us.
-I Love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers, support, testimonies, and steadfastness in Christ!
Hermana Johnson
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We went to a quiceanera this week!
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