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These little kids gave us ice cream after we taught them the plan of salvation with chalk.

We had such a great week this week!! We played volleyball and went to the pumpkin patch and had a great time with the members and missionaries. We had a really fun activity with the branch and non-members came and it was fun, spiritual, and with good food at the same time!!

We still can’t find Melanie, but we have faith that she will find us, or we will find her, or something good will happen!!!
Victor is progressing well, he loves to read the scriptures and is trying to get off work so he can come to church. We had an amazing lesson about baptism and he wanted to know more about how he could be baptized. I love the spirit and how it works in people to help their desires.
I have been ponderizing scriptures this week. It is so fun!! I invite you all to pick a scripture to memorize and ponder this week, it’s nice to have a scripture to call on if you need it.
I hope you have a great week, I love you all. Les quiero mucho!!!!!!!!!!!
-Hermana Johnson
1-2  Pumpkin patch, we picked our own calabazas!
3 We all ate donuts at the activity without our hands!!
4 Volleyball!
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