When we fail to plan, we plan to fail

This is such a good lesson I am learning as a missionary. We tried to plan really specifically this week and we saw SO MANY BLESSINGS. We planned one day where Sis. Torres and I would split up and go teaching with two other Hermana’s from the Branch. We coordinated who we would see, and although we weren’t able to see everyone we wanted, we were able to gain Supertrust with the members, teach some really good member-present lessons, and it was just a great experience!

4 people came to church yesterday! Sister Torres gave an AMAZING talk about her conversion. And since she goes home in a week is was only appropriate that we, (the 4 missionaries) and the little kids in primary sing. We sang “A child’s prayer” in Spanish. It was so cute and I could feel angels there singing with us.
I want to testify to you all that the Spirit has POWER. We are teaching a lady named Melanie. She came to church for the first time with her boyfriend at the beginning of the transfer and has come every time since! Although her boyfriend right now isn’t ready for the Gospel, I know he came that one time to church with her so that she could feel the SPIRT there and we could meet her. We started teaching her and her heart is changing. She told us that she wants to move out and start living the law of chastity, although we hadn’t even taught it to her yet! Wow! The spirit truly can teach us. It has the power to let us know what we need to do and gives us the courage to do it. I love it so much. It is so amazing to have front row seats to God’s work and glory. I am so glad I can strive to be a good instrument in his hands and serve the people here.
I hope you have a great week and look for ways to feel and follow the spirit. Let it teach you and may we all have the courage to follow what it says.
Life truly is beautiful my peeps.
-Hermana Johnson
We can’t swim, but we just took a really fun shower!!!
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