Happy Birthday, God Bless You

We have been riding our bikes so much this week and it is so fun! God has blessed us with so much good weather and riding up and down the hills here in Huntsville has given my legs a well-needed workout.

To explain the subject line, we went to sing and play in a ukulele choir this past week. There are banjos, singers, guitar players, a pianist, and an autoharp. So cool! So we went and sang happy birthday to some people and instead of singing “happy birthday dear ______” (put name here)  They all sang  “happy Birthday God bless you!”  I couldn’t help it and just started laughing. Only in the south would you hear something like that!
I have had such a fun time here already. The members are really great and so willing to help us out. I love being in a big Spanish area, I still have so much to learn. Sister Torres has been a member for almost 6 years now and her testimony is so strong. She knows so much doctrine so we have had some really great conversations. I love her and I feel so lucky to be her last companion.
I hope you all have a great week and remember that your example and your light reaches more people than you think. I met a boy yesterday that remembers missionaries from 2 years ago and how they gave him pictures of Jesus for his birthday. Never underestimate the power that our testimony and light of the Gospel has in other people’s lives! I KNOW that our Heavenly Father loves us and that we are here on this earth to experience all that we need to so that we can be like him.  Don’t let the adversary get you down! One person told us that Satan is the God of this world. That is false! Hma. Torres said, “Satan may be able to bite our heels, but we can crush his head, that’s not a God.” How true this is. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we can be happiest by living His teachings.
May we stand firm in what we believe and have the courage to follow God and his commandments. 1 Nephi 3:7.  We can do all things because God will strengthen us!!!
1- I almost kissed it, but I decided to obey the mission rules😀
2- Biking is the best!!
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