El Tiempo Vuela!

How time flies! Is it really another week already? As we were planning we realized we are getting ready to start week 5 of the transfer! Hermana Torres only has two more Sundays in the mission field and everything is just go go go. We just keep finding the most awesome people! The Lord is just placing them in our path and we are blessed enough to be at the right place at the right time.

We went to the Temple this week. It was so great to feel the Spirit of the Lord there, it is truly His house and I encourage y’all to go there if you can, as often as you can!  We learn so much there. One thing I learned was accountability. As you attend the temple, think of the ways the Lord is teaching us to be accountable and responsible. I can now say I love the temple, even though I still don’t understand everything, I know God has blessed us with the ability to make more promises with Him so that we can receive even more blessings.
On Saturday we biked early in the morning to go volunteer at an Alzheimer’s walk the city Botanical Garden was hosting. Here comes my most funny/most embarrassing story of my mission: I was wearing really old yoga pants and they RIPPED on the inseam! We taped them together with purple duct tape and that was my outfit for the morning. Oh the things that happen on our missions:)
That’s all I really wanted to say, in English.
Yo se que Dios nos ama y que tenemos desafios y pruebas porque El esta purificandonos. El quiere que todos regresemos a El entonces tenemos que aprender todo lo que El ya sabe. Estoy tan bendicida por servir en una rama de Espanol y apredno mucho cada dia de la buena gente aca. les queiro mucho y que tengan una buenissma semana!!!!
-Hermana Johnson
1- Fruits of the Summer
2- Temple trip!
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