Another branch of the olive tree

I am in another branch! I love being in little congregations and I feels so blessed to have been in branches my whole mission. What is more, I am in a SPANISH branch!! WHOOOO! There are only 3 in the entire mission so I feel so blessed to be here. And I think that God needs me to learn Spanish or something.
My companion is Hermana Torres. She is from Mexico and moved to Utah 6 years ago and that is when she was taught the Gospel and got baptized. She has such a strong testimony and I am so excited to work with her for her LAST TRANSFER. What is more, she is my sister! We were both trained by the amazing Hermana Barroso. It’s crazy because at the end of this I will have sent home two of my family members. They are all so crazy fun and I have been so extremely blessed to have amazing companions during my mission so far.
I basically have not time left so I will put some pics up from this morning’s hike and talk to y’all next week!
Write me a letter if you have time! New address is:
3784 University Dr. NW Apt. 424
Huntsville Al 35816
-Hermana Johnson
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