We drank HORCHATA all day

So there is this little helado (ice cream) shop near our apartment. Antonio is the awesome guy who owns it and he makes hand-made horchata and ice cream. La horchata is mi favorita, It’s tastes so good and cold, which is nice in this recent heat. I get it all the time:) And now I’m gonna connect that info to something I have learned this week:  When we are troubled, tired, and need something new and refreshing. Look to the scriptures. There is so much to study one hour everyday is not enough!! I have found the neatest things as I have read the scriptures everyday and I want to challenge y’all to keep up with your scripture study, or start now if you haven’t!  You will learn new things and find answers to life if you truly apply yourself and study, not just read.  You will find relief from the pressures of life and courage to choose the right if you just study the scriptures!

I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary that gets to spread it everyday.  I hope you have a wonderful week and drink some Horchata as you study the scriptures. love y’all too much!

-Hermanita Johnson
Inline image 2
I don’t like BBQ, but I like this BBQ!

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