70 hours

I survived the 70 hour proselyting week! It was actually really fun and we saw some amazing things happen. To keep from boring y’all with the details I’ll trying to do a condensed bullet-point list.

-On Tuesday we went tracting in the 100*+ heat for hours. And we didn’t really see any fruits. But I am now officialy a redneck!
-Wednesday was when we saw the fruits! We taught five lessons and found some awesome people to teach that we are going to follow up on. We were able to get in with Chivo and Kimberly, some old invest. and teach them about the BOM and they committed to read and pray about it! Their mom is less active so hopefully this will help them all come back to church!
-We went to zone training and the spirit was so strong there. We are super motivated right now to work with members and follow up on the commitments we extend to people. Missionary work is the best kind of work!!!
-Andy, Christina, their friend Todd and his mom Donna all came to church! They really liked it and Andy and Christina have been doing great on keeping the Word of Wisdom. Extra prayers for them would be awesome. They have a baptism date on the 15th.
We worked hard and saw so many other miralces with the Lord’s hand in our lives.  Although we did meet a lot of souther Babtists who slammed the door in our faces, we also met a lot of really open people who were willing to listen. I have found that when we aim for their hearts and not just their heads, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless everyone we meet.
Last night we were knocking on doors and a Hispanic Jehovah’s witness opened the door. Poor Sister Nielsen was so lost and I was getting Bible bashed by someone who doesn’t believe in the Plan of Salvation. I had never met anyone before who didn’tbelieve that we lived with God before we came here and that we can RETURN to live with him. He kept showing me scriptures about how we are dust and the God is Jehovah and some other strange interpretations of the Bible he was holding.  The spirit started to leave and before I could get started into bashing right back (anyone who knows me knows I like to argue). I heard the spirit say, “just say what you know, politely disagree and walk away.”  So I did that and even though I was a little chapped because I didn’t show him exactly where in the Bilble is says we can return to God. I felt better afterward because it strengthened my testimony of THIS Gospel. I know it’s the GOspel of Jesus Christ and He is my Savior.
I would love to challenge y’all this week to think about and study the Plan that God has for us and how that knowledge has blessed your life. Write down your testimony of the plan of Salvation and I promise you will gain a greater appreciation of our Heavenly Father’s love for us.
have a great week!
 -Hermana Johnson
some pics
1-3    We went to this really cool covered bridge! Then we went underneath it. We look like little ants!
4. This was carved out of a tree trunk. Big Chief Johnson!
5-  This was in a cool canyon we went hiking in. It was so pretty and reminded me of Utah:)
6- Hit my half-way mark and burned a sock because I didn’t want to burn a skirt.
Inline image 8
2Inline image 6
Inline image 1Inline image 9Inline image 3Inline image 5

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