I’m in the country!

(This is taken from Savanna’s letters to mom this week.)

Yep, I’m in the country and everything is spread out.  It’s a lot different to get people involved when they are spread so far.

Talking to you guys on mother’s day didn’t really affect me too badly.  It’s been kinda a rough week but I just push through. I have decided that I want to be a great member missionary when I get home. Go out with the missionaries all the time and just help out. I realize now how important members are in the work.   I got asked to play the piano for our meeting when Elder Kapishke (of the 70 ) comes. I am SUPER nervous. Pray that God will bless my fingers- the hymns they picked for me are hard!
I’m sweating a lot- working hard and love the letters!

Cats are following us now

We had such a good week this week. To start out with a funny: We were in the middle of studies when we heard a noise outside our window.  Gatita was there! She is always hanging around and she just really wanted to join in on our scripture study!!! haha these are the only pics from this week…

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Onto some good stuff!! We had Zone Conference this week. It was so great and I felt the spirit so strongly. I know that our President really was called of God to lead us here in Alabama. He talked about how there are countless excuses not to do missionary work. And to apply to y’all: there are countless excuses not to live the Gospel. But there are so many more reasons to live the Gospel. The promised blessings are countless, and although some of the things we go through may not be the best times in our lives, they will the best times FOR our lives.
My testimony of the power of obedience has grown so much. I also believe that our Savior Jesus Christ will help us with anything if we ask sincerely and with a desire to change. I love this Gospel, I love my Heavenly Father and I love y’all! so much. Have a great week and do something out of your comfort zone that will make you grow a little bit! Adios!
-Hermana Johnson

Dia de los Madres y Oracion

Mothers day was soooo wonderful! I am so grateful for all the wonderful mother figures in my life, and especially my mother. This is a wild day for us so I won’t write a lot. I just know that our Padre Celestial love us mucho y que podemos vivir con el otra vez. I have a huge testimony of prayer and that He answers us in His own time.

I love this Gospel and I know that we can be HAPPIEST when we live the laws and ordinances of it.  This week was great, we have a lot of new people we are teaching and the work is great. I am just so happy!
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This wasn’t at our church but whatevs, we all love Christ and his work!!!

Gatitos Gatitos!! call me a crazy cat missionary

There are so many little kitties here in the country! I am in love!!!  I promise I’m not that weird, just a little. Inline image 2

Inline image 1

Inline image 4

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Inline image 3

So this week was so amazing!! We are doing a lot of finding and trying to reactivate some less active members.  We did a church tour with an investigator and she loved it! She told us we “got her on fire” and she is excited to come to church. We found a family interested in the Gospel and we just rocked it here in the Locust Fork area.
I just want y’all to know that God loves each and every one of us. This past week I realized once again that God is looking out for us, no matter the religion.  The Gospel that we have just ADDS to the faith that so many already have.  We have the complete truth, that doesn’t mean others don’t have anything.  I have met so many wonderful faithful, good people outside of our faith.  It is important for us to realize that as members we are not better, it is our duty to SERVE others and help them come closer to Christ through this Gospel. Not but tearing down the good beliefs they already have.
I LOVE being a missionary and this new area is different but so great.  Each area I serve in will have it’s own special place in my heart. Love y’all and espero que tengan una muy buena semana!!!
-Hermana Johnson