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Catching up!

Sorry to everyone, that I am not being the best missionary mom and keeping up with this blog.  I repent and here is what you have missed the last few weeks (please note the address change if anyone wants to write a letter, be sure to use the new address :

APRIL 13, 2015

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I thought it was my last night at Futbol so we took a group picture. So many people were there that night and it was really fun!!
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Alabama is soooo pretty this time of the year.  Everything is green and the cars are yellow because there is pollen everywhere! It rains all the time and the puddles are so fun to splash in!
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We threw a surprise party for Jorge, the cute little boy next to me.  He wasn’t expecting it at all!
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We have too much fun as missionaries.  I’m sad to see Sister Reidhead and Hermana Portilla go, but new adventures await!!

So I’m staying here in Altadena!!! It will be my fourth transfer here, which isn’t common. But I really prayed and I get to stay!! Hermana Portilla is leaving me:( but she is going to do so well in her next area.

TOAST means Thrive On Awkward STories. We had so many! Well, we always have a lot, but this week out did them all.  I think as missionaries we think our stories are a lot funnier than other people because the awkward-ness comes from what we do: contact strangers ALL DAY! Whhooohoooo.  There are so many parts and things we do in one day sometimes its apabullante but I love it.
I want you all to know that our Heavenly Father loves you so much and will answer your prayers. Even if it’s in the fourth watch of the night, He will come and rescue us from the pain, despair or sorrow we sometimes feel. John14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
I love this Scripture and I feel my relationship with my Savior grow stronger every day. I am so grateful for scriptures, prophets and wonderful teadchers who help us to progress in this life.  Keep the faith, I know that God wants us to “live after the manner of happiness,” and we can through following him!
APRIL 20, 2015
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This is the almost the whole group of us that came from Mexico to Alabama in December. So cool!

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We had transfers! President spoke on pornography- Don’t destroy the marriages that haven’t happened yet. Enough said!!!

Hermana Acosta is from las VEGAS and sooo sweet! We are going to have a great transfer and I am so happy. Just happy and it’s because I know I am on the right side, the Lord’s side!!!

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the salvation of God to everyone who believeth.” -Romans 1:16

That’s all! I love you all so much. Don’t be ashamed of what you know to be true. Dare to be a Mormon! hasta luego!

-Hermana Johnson

APRIL 27, 2015

So after a week with Hermana Acosta, I got emergency transferred to Locust Fork Area. I am living in the COUNTRY!! It is so different from the city where I was living but I really love it.  We had to change because the Hermanas here just needed to change. Honestly it was a big suprise to baecause I only had a week with my new comp. But I am so happy to be here with Hermana Mennenga and I know everything happens for a reason.

Here are some pictures.  We are pretty much starting over with work here and I am excited to see and find the people the Lord is preparing. I love y’all!Inline image 2

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Que tengan una buena semana, les quiero mucho!
-Hermana Johnson

Desplume un pollo!

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We went to the Temple and I saw my good from the CCM there!
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I don’t have a ton of time.  But I just want y’all to know that I love being in the temple and feel so blessed that as members we can go and remember our covenants and the BLESSINGS that come with obeying the commandments.
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yeah, this happened.  I went running in a pair of borrowed sneakers that were too small. I learned my lesson.  mom, please don’t freak out. They don’t even hurt, the Lord has blessed me!
I plucked a chicken that had been killed a few hours earlier.  It still had it’s head slightly attached.  The hot water and blood made it smell so nasty but I wanted to help and they put me to this!
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I know I look disgusted, it was really gross and smelled so bad! But I did it and it was very worth it. The mole that we ate afterward tasted de-li-cious.Inline image 10

So that was my week! The best was going to the temple.  I had exchanges with Sister Reidhead, she goes home in a few weeks and it was so great to see her giving her best and working and giving it all to the very end.
I have been thinking a lot about how personally I need to apply the things we teach in my own life. If i teach obedience, I need to be obedient.  If I teach patience, I need to be patient.  I love serving and growing and being part of bringing to pass God’s work.
I encourage all of you this Easter and General Conference weekend to reflect on the blessing of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ  and the words “He is Risen!”  Take this week to think about the plan of salvation and how it shapes the way we act in this life.
I love you all, thank you for all your support!
-Hermana Johnson
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