Ayuno es Real!!!!

Don’t have a lot of time because we are going to play in the park with our District.  But so many cool things happened!!!

After a few weeks of no investigators at church, we had 5 there yesterday!!! It was so great to see them all there.  We fasted as a zone this past week to help all the investigators with baptism dates and others that are progressing and we definitely are seeing the blessings.
Maria and Victor: They came to church and also the Noche de Hogar (family home evening) last night.  Their knowledge and faith is growing, slowly but surely.  Constant love and contact is the key if they really want to know.
Maria brought her boyfriend to church and he liked it!! The spirit was there and just so many good things are happening.
We set a goal to have a baptism in the branch by the end of this transfer.  We have three weekends left. One is Easter, what better time to have a baptism!! We are really praying and doing all we can to find someone who is ready, or to help our current investigators have the desire to make that sacred covenant with God.  The blessings of the Gospel are real people.  What a privilege it is to have the FULLY RESTORED Gospel, because through it we can receive the fullness of Gods blessing that come with it!!
We got a flat tire, there was a big hole in it and we are just so grateful nothing happened while we were driving. Good thing the elders were near by to save the day!! (typical female problems:/
1 Cor. 15:26 is really great, and I think it has something to do with Harry Potter but my missionary brain doesn’t remember too well.  2 Cor. 10 is also a great study, oh and Jacob 4.  The scriptures are just awesome!! I love you all, take care y que tengan una buena semana llena del Espiritu!!
-Hermana Johnson
409 H Skyview Dr.
Birmingham AL 35209.
Just if you wanted to send me a letter or something:)
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1: We went to the temple to help during the missionary sessions. WE are going this week on Thursday to do a session.  I’m really excited!!
2: This was a Irvin’s 18th b-day party.  It was so hot in their little apt. , as you can see I am sweating a lot here. They are a great family in the ward and Irvin wants to go on a mission!!!

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