Cantando en la lluvia?

Hi everyone- this is Savanna’s mom.  I am going to take over the blog for Savanna.  There was a new change this weekend and Savanna can’t go on her blog on her mission.  I am going to include a majority of what Savanna writes me in her letter to me and any pictures she sends.  Here is what she said today:
Savanna mission 2-23-15 #2
This was after Zone Conference.  Sister Reidhead and Sister Cooper are the best Sister Training Leaders!
I feel I have matured a lot.  I still have so much to learn and I just pray everyday I can be obedient and righteous enough to bring a soul to Gospel who is ready to accept it.  I read a talk called ‘the 4th Missionary” and it has honestly CHANGED my life and outlook on what is important.  I encourage you to read it.  it’s a little long, but I could probably not recommend a better talk for anyone, missionaries and non-missionaries.  I have decided to fully consecrate my life to the Lord.  I know that if I do this then it doesn’t matter what the world says or does, I will have my testimony and knowledge of the Christ and the Gospel and that it will all work out for our good.

It’s amazing to me that you write every week and it is always so inspired. I really am discovering myself out here.  I am a lot more bold and confident than I thought.  My comp doesn’t like to be pushy or overbearing, but I feel totally fine asking people why they aren’t going to church or something… I am trying to channel any stress or excess energy into helping people.

Maria and Victor haven’t been to church in a few weeks.  We need to just give them some space and help them develop their testimony of the Gospel and BOM.  When they have that they will be good.  Our other investigator Maria is sooooo AWESOME!  She came to both Sat. and Sun. sessions of Stake conference this last weekend and she is just progressing so well.  The spirit is really touching her heart and increasing her desire to learn and follow the Gospel.  She really wants to live the Word of Wisdom and has been really trying to keep it.
We had Zone Conference this past week and it was so great to hear from President Hanks and Sister Hanks.  They are  so great and inspired and I really respond well to how Pres. Hanks teaches.  The BOM Musical is here this week and every night there have been missionaries outside passing out real copies of the BOM to everyone.  It’s pretty cool.
We talked a lot as a mission and zone about how to get more members involved in Missionary Work.  It’s amazing to see the growth of investigators when you get a member there in the first or second lesson.  I invite you all to think of a way to can have a missionary experience this week and then make a plan to do it!!   Share a Mormon message, invite someone to church, talk about the Gospel and Families…THere are so many little things we can do to help people come closer to Christ.

Thanks again for the Almonds, the support, the letters, and prayers.  Missionary work is really the hardest but most rewarding.  It’s hard to explain but it really is true.  I know the Lord qualifies who he calls.  He is with us always if we follow Him and try to choose the right all the time.
Me encanta esta obra y no puedo esperar por el dia cuando podemos regresar a Dios y Jesucristo por medio su Expiacion.  Yo se que este Evangelio es verdadero, Como no va? Yo se que cuando perdonamos a otras personas estaremos mas feliz y tendremos gozo para siempre.
Les amo a todos!! Cuidense mucho:)
-Hermana Johnson
Savanna mission 2-23-15 #3
That was one night when it rained A TON! We had a lot of fun and this nice lady gave us her umbrella when we knocked on her door.
Savanna mission 2-23-15
District having lunch together with one of our investigators. I love them all.

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