Feliz Dia de Amor y Amistad!

This was another week.  And like all weeks, was great in it’s own way.  Working with our investigators and the Law of Chastity….that’s always fun.

We had a fun fiesta with some less actives in the branch and they invited a few of their friends who aren’t members!! It was really great and of course the tamales were sooo good.  I ate a jalepeno one and almost died but it just tasted so good!

I read a lot of great scriptures this week and wanted to share a few.  Go look them up if you can! 3 Nephi 14– the whole chapter is so awesome!   1 Thessalonians 2:8– give your whole soul to the work!   2 Nephi 8:12-16– don’t be afraid, the Lord is on our side!

     I have learned that it’s so hard to be so close to reaching a goal but ultimately it doesn’t happen. When that happens it’s easy to think that it’s all your fault and that you didn’t do your absolute best. But God is a part of every aspect of our lives, and sometimes we don’t get what we want not because we weren’t obedient or God is punishing us. But sometimes just because it wasn’t meant to happen or it wasn’t the right time or thing.  He sees the whole picture.
I still love Spanish a LOT.  honestly I don’t really like teaching in English or contacting in English.  I’m getting better but there is still so much to learn!!! I can express myself a little easier. It’s just little by little.
My heart is locked against all hombres. It’s the locking my heart against our investigators thats tough.  I have such high hopes for all of them and even when they just cancel or don’t want to see us anymore it breaks my heart.  But my STL told me not to lock my heart.  When we give our all to them, they will one day see the greatness of our message. I try to give my whole soul to everyone.  It’s exhausting work and I have never been so tired in my life.  But God gives me the energy I need every day and I have already seen so many miracles.
   Maria L. is doing really great. She came to church yesterday and while there were some points of doctrine taught that were incorrect ( I almost died when they started talking about patriarchal blessings and stuff done in the temple…ahhhhhh!) But she still really liked it and I know she is going to be baptized one day, hopefully soon!
When ever I feel discouraged, I God is there because then a member helps us, or we meet someone awesome and I know he is looking out for us. I realized that when I hit three months on Jan. 29 that was the longest time I had ever been away from home.  I know I have talked a lot about moving and living somewhere far away.  But my perspective is changing.  So many people we teach have left their family in Mexico to try to make a better life for them.  Some haven’t talked to their parents for years. It makes me realize that family really is the most important thing in this world that we can have and I am so blessed to be sealed to mine for eternity.
Yo se que Cristo es mi salvador y por medio el podemos ser juntos para siempre.  yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre, y El quiere el mejor para nosotros.  Esto es mi testimonio. Estoy agradecido a ser una misionera aca en Alabama.  Doy gracias cada dia por mi familia.
I love you all! Have a blessed week.
Sister Reidhead and I on Valentines! It was an awesome exchange.

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