Milagros de Caminando

Hi everyone!  Hope y’all had a great week.  We saw so many miracles and I am just so grateful for this chance I have to be a missionary of the Lord.  Here is a quick update on some of our investigators.  We are currently teaching about 6 “Maria’s”, so don’t worry if you get confused.

Maria L.: Came to church for the first time yesterday and really liked it.  She even bore her testimony! She has so many great questions and is just overall doing really well.

Maria O.: She really needed to know whether she was going to move or not.  She had been going back and forth all week on her decision and been praying a lot too.  We met with her this morning and talked with her a bit and told her that what she was feeling was the spirit.  We got down and prayed with her and then left.  5 min laters she called us and said she is for sure not leaving! (I didn’t want to tell her but I think that’s great, because her BF doesn’t sound great.) Prayer works people!

We are also teaching a lot more people and the work is just going great.  Some moments are really hard, but reading a “bonita escritura” like my companion says, or praying, helps us get through tough moments.

God loves us and wants us to be happy.  He needs us on his team and no matter what is always there if we just take the first step towards him.  Love you all!


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