Due to some research by Elders in my District who will not be named, this blog might be a little less personal.  Email me if you want to more.


Transfer Week! Hermana Barroso went home and my new companion is Hermana Portilla and she is from Colombia!! She is so great and we have already had a great week.  The trick is to just chill a bit and take everything in stride.

We went tracting in a area for a bit on Sunday and it was the coolest thing! We met a lady who is American but speaks spanish really well because her “Espo so” is from Guatemala!! It was just cool and we were able to teach her a lesson.

Maria and Victor: They want to be able to say for themselves that they know the Book of Mormon is true.  So with patience and time they will be baptized!

There are so many good things going on.  Really though, the trick to anything in life is to put your trust in the Lord, because through Him, we can do all things that He asks of us.  That’s all for now! Have a blessed week y’all!


100_2124 100_2127

The first picture was after a whole day of biking in the rain.  We gave our car for the day to some Elders that don’t have one.  We got a pie in return:)

Hermana Portilla! She is the cutest and about a foot shorter than me.  It makes a great conversation starter.

Les quiero mucho!



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