Due to some research by Elders in my District who will not be named, this blog might be a little less personal.  Email me if you want to more.


Transfer Week! Hermana Barroso went home and my new companion is Hermana Portilla and she is from Colombia!! She is so great and we have already had a great week.  The trick is to just chill a bit and take everything in stride.

We went tracting in a area for a bit on Sunday and it was the coolest thing! We met a lady who is American but speaks spanish really well because her “Espo so” is from Guatemala!! It was just cool and we were able to teach her a lesson.

Maria and Victor: They want to be able to say for themselves that they know the Book of Mormon is true.  So with patience and time they will be baptized!

There are so many good things going on.  Really though, the trick to anything in life is to put your trust in the Lord, because through Him, we can do all things that He asks of us.  That’s all for now! Have a blessed week y’all!


100_2124 100_2127

The first picture was after a whole day of biking in the rain.  We gave our car for the day to some Elders that don’t have one.  We got a pie in return:)

Hermana Portilla! She is the cutest and about a foot shorter than me.  It makes a great conversation starter.

Les quiero mucho!



From Trainee to Trainer

After Martiza and Juan’s Baptism on Saturday, while we were enjoying some yummy Mexican Pasole, I got a call from the Assistants to the President and they told me I would be training.

I then proceeded to have a mini panic attack inside but I told them that would be great and I’m excited. Which I am; but I also feel like I’m going to throw up whenever I think about it.

I love Missionary work and God gives us changes and challenges when he need us to stretch and grow.  But man it’s hard!! More to come next week.  I love you all and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers and thoughts.  I know missionaries always say this but it’s true,  we can really feel it.

Have a great week y’all!! 2 Nephi 2:25

Firmes en Cristo

DSC03963 DSC03964 frost inside

20150105_184644 DSC03940 Neser B-day



-This was the coldest day so far.  We were out walking and decided to document our adventure.  Really, like 14 degrees with windchill.

-There was frost INSIDE our window.  I love the humidity!!

-This is a cute family in the ward where we had la Noche de Hogar (FHE) last week. I always feel like a giant around all the cute little Latinos…

-It was Elder Neser’s birthday.  So we had a mini celebration at District Meeting.  But mostly we coordinated and planned and all that good stuff, don’t worry.

SO this week:

-The Hermanas in the area next to us are teaching Maritza and Juan and they are getting baptized this Saturday!!! They are so solid and on Wednesday they had all the missionaries over from their area and from the branch (so 12 total) and after dinner asked us what they need to do to get baptized.  They want to do it before transfers so it’s this Saturday!!!

SO this same amazing couple came OUT WITH US  to teach Maria and Victor and the whole lesson was just great.  They talked about Baptism and testimonies and the Spirit and we pretty much sat back and let them teach.  The Spirit is so strong and now it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” for Maria and Victor.  They just want to know a little more about the book of Mormon and the Church. But they are sooooo great!!

-We are also teaching a sweet young woman named Maria also.  She has three little kids but may be moving to N. Carolina to be with her husband.  She is still learning a lot though so pray the missionaries there can help her.  She is great about keeping all her commitments and we are just so excited.

-This is the last full week with Hermana Barroso until she goes home.  We are going to make it our best and work hard.  The harder you work and the better you plan, the better your day is and the more miracles you see!  I know this is true.

Read Isaiah 41:10

I love you all so much, stay Steadfast in Christ! My Spanish is mixing with my Southern. So, espero que tenga un muy blessed dia y’all!!!



Tornados are Cool, but Scriptures are Cooler.

This that happened this week.

-We got fat from eating food on New Year’s Eve in our apartment.

-A slightly drunk moreno kissed my head.

-There was a TORNADO WATCH so we had to go inside 3 hours early on fasting night. No bueno, but we were very blessed.

-I rode my bike for the first time and thought I could be cool and jump a curb while biking up a steep hill.  I fell over and Hermana Barroso almost peed her skirt laughing.

– A beautiful Hermana in our branch gave us real Alabama style Ribs!! The New Year Diet started off sooo great.

But really. There have been so many good things this week I don’t know what to share!!  We found a man named Ezequiel and he is really cool and I just have a feeling he will be baptized.  I guess we’ll see.

What we do is actually really awkward but still just the best ever.
-I love teaching and talking to people in Spanish.  We went on exchanges with English sisters.  It was good but the whole time I just wanted to find one amigo to talk to.  AND I DID!! We knocked on a door of a house and a random guy from Mexico was living there! I know God answers not just our prayers but also the sincere desires of our hearts. I was able to talk to this guy and in Spanish and pretty much understand him!
-Victor and Maria are AWESOME. They had a friend over for our last lesson with them. Victor was explaining all about the BOM and how we read it along with the Bible.  They are so solid and I am just so excited for them.  After that lesson we may or may not have sung Praises southern style because we were just so happy.
Please read the Scriptures every day.  No matter what.  And study them!! I really wish I had studied them more.  Learn from someone else.  It’s good to know what is in the scriptures.  Really study them and mark them up.  That’s all. So do it.
Have a bless week y’all!!!!