Sweatbands, Cats, and a Preacher

Hola y’all!!!

I hope that everyone had a beautiful Christmas full of love and laughter.  Really.  Laughter is very important people! If you aren’t laughing often (within reason) then you’re not doing something right! I had a great Christmas.  En serio, being a missionary over Christmas is the BEST! So glad I get to do it next year too.

I never know what to say in these emails. Usually the titles of my posts are just something random that happened this week.  I’ll start with the funny stuff.


CATS: This past week we went over to a families house and they have the cutest little kitty named Toby.  We we holding him and the mom told us that if you’re sick and you rub the cat on your face, your sickness will be transferred to the cat!  Well, we were both feeling a little under the weather so we picked up Toby and rubbed his soft fur all over our faces!!  Oh the crazy Mexican beliefs some people have!

PREACHERS: This one is also a bit funny but also a blessing.  Just last night we were sitting in our car in front of an investigators house and going over our plan for what we would teach them. Suddenly we hear a crashing sound and out of the blue a car come streaking over the grassy plot where we were parked and crashed right in front of us into a telephone pole.  She had already hit another car and the whole front of her car was smashed.  We got out and went to see the other woman who got hit.  She was yellin, “Go get prophet Daniels!  Got get prophet Daniels!  He’s in that church right over there!”  She was a bit frantic but seemed unhurt so we walked into this church. There were a bunch of people singin praises to the Lord and there was prophet Daniels (but we know he’s not a really prophet so we’ll call him Preacher Daniels) right up in front.  He beckoned us to the front and invited us to sit down.  But then we told him the situation so he put on his robes, had Pastor Mary come with him,  and we went outside.                                                                                      The police got there, taking names etc…. The best BEST PART was that a little later Preacher Daniels came over to us and said “Let me say a blessin on y’all”.  He took our hands and gave a sweet short prayer over us.  It was awesome. The cool thing is that just that day we had been talking about black baptist churches and how we wanted to visit one when we came back.  Well, we got our chance that very day!!!  We were so blessed that the car didn’t hit us.  I truly felt the Lord’s hand in protecting us.


I gave a talk in church yesterday and our investigators Maria and Victor came with their cousin Wilson!!!  It was so awesome and we have great hopes for them.  They came to dinner with us last Monday with some members in the ward and then they also came with all of our district to the May’s on Christmas for dinner. Maria and Victor don’t have a lot of family here so it’s great they are becoming friends with people in the ward.  Hopefully setting a baptismal date this week!!!

We have eaten so much food.  EVERYONE wants to feed us, and they never stop bringing out the tamales, tortillas, or whatever other yummy Mexican food they are making.  I LOVE IT!! And now we are starting a new workout regimen…..

I love finding people.  We have seen miracles everyday and we started making a list of at least one miracle we see everyday.  But it’s usually more.  We will find people that we thought were lost forever.  Or finally get into contact with someone in the area book.  Or meet someone who knows all about the church but just hasn’t been because he didn’t know!!  We can be missionaries and look for ways to create miracles in others lives. Or just look for them in ours.  I know the Lord wants to bless us and when we are obedient and trying to do our best he WILL.   I love all y’all and hope that as we start this new year you can look for a way to refocus and set some goals that you can attain.  My mission president sent us this.  READ THIS IF YOU DON’T READ ANYTHING ELSE: 

In your Great City
I see, in jewelers’ windows,
Clocks that tell the guaranteed Correct Time;
And in front of those clocks people always halted
Adjusting their watches.
But suppose there were displayed, beside the street,
Some great poem,
Telling perfect Truth or Beauty,
How many passengers
Would pause to adjust their minds?

Brothers and Sisters, how can the theme of this poem apply to you in this coming New Year?

One way that comes to mind is the opportunity for each of us to select a truth or a principle or a statement of purpose that we can use to keep ourselves focused during the coming year. That way we can have it before us all year, and if we stray, we can bring our minds back and reset them again, just like we would set a watch.

What will your focus principle be? 

Why that’s up to you. What do you want inside your mind to drive you forward and help you improve? Is it love? Or kindness? Is it consistency? Or obedience? Or maybe you’ll choose to be a Champion for the Lord? Or Strive for the Spirit? Or give more of yourself to the people you love. Or some other worthwhile goal.

Here are some pics.  Disfrutara!

-We got matching sweat pants and SWEATBANDS. Keeping it classy on Christmas eve.   -Our little tree that wouldn’t stand up. Dark Chocolate and Bananas! The best.                        -Santa was really nice this year.  Thank you all!!                                                                                -These sweaters are from our awesome recent convert Selene.  She is so sweet! We ate tamales at her house on Christmas Eve and skyped at her house on Christmas Day.                -Our presents, our cute tree my mom made, and our matching hats. Roll Tide!                        -Our district.  We couldn’t resist getting them monogrammed SWEATBANDS too. They are awesome.

100_2091 100_2102 100_2068 100_2066 100_2057 100_2053 100_2070 100_2107



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