Bienvenidos a Alabama!

Wow this has been the craziest week!! I’ll start with some funnies. If you don’t want to read it all (I get it) GO TO THE END.

So our toilet flooded.  There was water everywhere and we had to take out multiple buckets of pretty gross water.  After a full day of no working toilet, the cute senior couple, the Jones, came over and after 15 minutes of toilet plunging Elder Jones got it to work again.  Whoohooo! Our Apartment is actually really nice, just some things don’t always work…..

My companion is Hermana Barroso and the most amazing person ever.  She is from Orem, Utah and we are the same person, it’s awesome! This is her last transfer before she goes home. Entonces, her Espanol is really good!!! She has been in this area for 4 other transfers so she knows everyone and they love her.  She is so patient and the best teacher, friend, and companion I could ever ask for.  I KNOW Heavenly Father answers prayers because I had been praying for weeks in Mexico that my trainer would be excited and patient and ready to work.  I have never met anyone so charitable.  All her arrows are pointing out, she thinks of everyone before herself and she is just a great example to all.

Some details that my mom has been asking for:  I am in one of three Spanish branches in the whole mission so I’m very lucky. It’s the Altadena area and technically we live in Birmingham but its really Homewood. (You know how “Salt Lake” is really a bunch of cities? Its like that.)  So there are a lot more Hispanic people we can teach. We do have a car, I’m still waiting to get my bike…Hmm I need to call on that.  We only have a certain number of miles we can drive each month so we bike and walk if we’re close to somewhere.  We write at the local library and its all good fun to talk to people there.

But on to the good stuff.

On my first day here after our transfer meeting (where I met the amazing Hermana Barroso) we went out and got to work!! We had two teaching appointments that day and I was so nervous but it was good!  Hma. Barroso is really good at spanish but she invited me to testify of the way the Gospel has blessed my life and at least they understood what I was saying!  We taught Maria and Victor and they are doing so well.  They have the cutest son Daniel and I already love them so much.

Everyone is just so nice here and I love being a missionary.  It gives me, well not really an excuse, but a reason to open my mouth and share the Gospel with everyone.

On Friday I was feeling really bad about my spanish and I had an interview with Presidente Hanks. He could tell I was anxious and he said to just relax, put out my hands, and spit my tongue out and make a spitting sound.  I laughed but he was serious.  So I did it and I FELT BETTTER. If you are stressed, put your hands out limp and stick your tongue out and make a short spitting noise. IT HELPS.

I know this is really long but I just want you all to know that I love this Gospel and this work.  It’s hard and I don’t understand what half the people are saying but it’s ok. I know the Lord will help us and by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

Ether 12:27. Take our weaknesses to God and we will make us STRONG! 

Keep CHRIST in Christmas.  He is the Gift.  I love you all. 


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