¡Adios CCM! Pictures Week

100_1929100_2016100_2015 This is me giving in for once and eating a Nutella and peanut butter sandwhich. Man it was good. There is the Nut. and PB bar in the Comedor everyday and I had to exercise great restraint for six weeks not to go there. The comedor was one of my favorita places!  These cute names on the door of classroom were made by Hermano Martinez.  That man has some great skill in the arts, his handwriting is like calligraphy.

100_2020 The one on the right is Hermana Lira, the best teacher ever! Hermano Candia (middle) would somtimes come and visit. 100_2012     It was our last day so selfie game was strong.100_1986

100_2008 Our last night together as District 7C. I´m going to miss them so much!  100_1931100_1945

100_1977  These cute blondies would also work out with us in the Gym. Hermana Kingsbury (middle) is REALLY strong.

}100_1990   Our lovely Latino Hermana friends! We had the greatest laughs with each other. I´m so glad we can communicate through the spirit when our Spanish fails us:)

100_1939  100_1931 Our district with the two best teachers in the CCM! Hma. Lira y Hmo. Martinez have taught me so much.  I´m really going to miss them.

100_1952 Another Selfie Sunday.  Hma. Charlesworth is so sweet; so glad we are going to the same mission together!

This week was such a roller coaster. Most of the time I would feel so many emotions that I would just feel blank because I couldn´t absorb it all.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord.  I want to do my best so that I can find and help those who the Lord has prepared for me to serve.  I love this Gospel and I can testify that our living prophets and apostles are really inspired of God and if we follow ALL their teachings we will be abundantly blessed.  Read all of Mosiah 14. I know this is the season to celebrate Christ´s birth but we should also remember that he suffered and died for us personally. When you´re done reading that and have wiped the tears away, read 1 Nephi 11.  Rejoice because He lived again and through him we can also live with our families and with God for eternity.

I love you all. May you start this Christmas season with the true spirit of Christ and keep it with you always. I´m off to serve the people of Alabama and could not be more excited!


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