El Libro de Mormón is the BOM

Selfie Tuesday!! 100_1924 Here some fun/good things this week:

So they just call up the speakers for sacrament meeting during the meeting.  They give us the topic the week before and this week was The Atonement.  I prepared and actually really wanted to speak. They called my name and I felt blessed with the spirit and a miniature gift of tongues as I spoke in a lenguage I hardly know, about my favorite part of the Plan de Salvacion.  It was really great!     I also played the piano last Sunday for the the district that left this week.  They sang the Army of Helaman, it was awesome.  I also get to play the piano for one of the devotionals next Sunday.  Pray for me because I don’t know the Christmas Himnos that well!!

I had a great lesson with our investigadora, Jazmin (she’s is our teacher for the afternoon).  Even though she is not a real investigator I felt the spirit so strongly in our lesson and I could tell she felt it too.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this Gospel and why more people don’t join.  It makes us happy, we can live forever with God and our families, and it’s just the correcto thing to do!  But then I thought, just because we get all those blessings, doesn’t mean that it’s easy or we always remember.  BUT, if we read the Book of Mormon everyday, we will become converted and never fall away.  It is a testimony of Christ and if our faith and belief is in him, we can do all things.

The Book of Mormon also constantly reminds us to “remember” our covenants, our blessings, and our God.  Remember the great things God has given his people who remember him and turn their hearts towards him.  Elder Holland is just the greatest and the devotionals he gives to the missionaries in the MTC (sorry not available to the public) are so full of fire and passion I feel re-motivated every time.  He constantly speaks the necessity of staying converted after our missions.  “We must come home with at least one convert and that better be you” he said.  What good is it if we convert others but are not converted ourselves?  Those who pray and study everyday will be on the continuous path of conversion toward our Padre Celestial.

I love you all. Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and your December is full of love and remembrance of the true gift of Christmas: Jesus Christ.  Here are some pictures:)

These are my favorita latinos.  They are on missions now but I just love them.  They would always laugh at my Spanish and then try to help me.  051 058 059

These payasos (clowns) got up with us this morning at 5:00 am to exercise because Elder Hepworth lost a bet: he was sure he was speaking on Sunday but didn’t:)100_1921 100_1919

And these sweet Hermanas just left for Chile.  We became such good friends with them.  Oh the many wonderful people you meet on missions!!100_1912 100_1918 100_1916


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