Preguntas means “questions?” Our teachers always ask us that but it made me start thinking about the questions and problems we can can have in our lives, not just in class.  We may say we believe and live the Gospel, but what happens when we receive a true test of our faith?  Or when we are surrounded by challenges and questions we can’t answer for ourselves?  We must go to the Lord for help and guidance.  I have found that one of the best, if not THE best, way is to go las Escrituras and search diligently.  El Libro de Mormon can always help us, not matter the situation.  And when we feel bombarded by doubts and preguntas, go to the source of truth and light.  Mosiah 14 and John 15 have been my favorites this week if you need a start:) Feed your faith and let your doubts starve to death.

So I know I always talk about food, but I really like food and it makes for a great analogies. Hence: There is a lot of good food here, but sometimes they serve a salsa that is particularly nasty or spicy, or sometimes the taquitos are just mal (bad).  We spit it out and avoid it like the plague and tell all the other American missionaries to stay away. We should do the same thing with sin and temptation.  Stay away.  Don’t even try it.  Help others not make the same mistake, because some mistakes will take more than a day in the bathroom to fix.  (Sorry was that gross?)  But in all seriousness, if you know it’s bad.  And have even tried it for yourself to know its bad, why try the same thing again?  We all make mistakes, that’s ok and it’s part of life.  But through the Atonement of Jesucristo we can receive the STRENGTH we need to truly repent and not make the same mistakes again.  As Elder Bednar put it “Choosing something bad over something worse is still choosing wrong.” It’s blunt but it’s true.  Obedience is a choice, the commandments are not chains or tedious rules.  They are the way to happiness and eternal life.

I love the Gospel.  I love amazing feeling the Spirit can bring when we sincerely ask for it.  When we have preguntas or are struggling to feel peace and happiness in the Gospel, ask our Heavenly Father and he will answer.  I’m out of time.  But know that Jesus Christ died for us personalmente and he did it because he love us.  I love you all.  Stay strong and Haz Lo Justo!

100_1906 These guys are THE Elders and are just the best!  Their nickname for me is Goldilocks. Whatever.  Elder Hyde (left) is from Heber and Elder Hepworth (right) is from Seattle. They are the best district leaders and they keep the rest us Hermanas in line. We have really connected and I feel that we are brothers.  We work out together and just have a grand old time.

100_1910100_1907Umm so, we have to put skirts on to go to meals.  Hermana Charlesworth and I didn’t want to change all the way (P-day is lazy day) so we kept our CCM T-shirts on to go to lunch and we got some nice pictures.  Missionaries just have to be goofy sometimes.

Sorry for the less spiritual thought this week.  Just know that I love you and there is nothing I would rather be doing than serving the Lord.


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