Man Cannot Live by Fruit Alone

Hola! So my diet has consisted of fruit, vegetables, and Mentos.  Kids and adults-do not try this at home!  It messes with you and even though I have lost weight, white undergarments are not always the best thing to wear. Enough said.

This morning a couple districts went to the Mexico City Temple.  Unfortunately it is currently under construction so we could only go into the visitors center and take the tour from the sweetest Hermanas. But that was just as cool!  It is really nice and high-tech and the spirit there is so strong. I bought some cool Mexican clothes and an awesome scripture case. Pics to come later. The picture below is my district.  Yeah, more Hermanas than Elders is becoming more and more common.  We have so much fun and have really bonded as a district.  The Elders are goofballs and really do act a lot younger than us, but I can see they have already grown so much.  My companion and I are still working at getting along, but it has gotten a lot better! Communication is key.    100_1879


In my branch (which is three districts) they choose who is giving a talk in the Sacrament meeting that you give the talk in!  So everyone has to write a talk and then they just announce who is speaking over the little pulpit in the classroom for Sacrament meeting.  Its all in Español but it’s great practice for the language.

I just want everyone to know that while we may be going through really tough times, or really difficult challenges, the Lord wants to help us.  He sent His Son so that we could have the opportunity to repent and find strength in the Atonement.  We just have to ask and we will receive.  Joseph Smith was a true profeta inspired by God, because as he said, “How could I believe in a God that would save only a few?”  He wants all of us to return to him and we can.  It is truly a marvelous and work and a wonder that we have the conocomiento (knowledge) that Heavenly Father loves us cares for us.  We may take it for granted, but just that knowledge can bring so much peace in the darkest of times.  I love you all.  I pray for you everyday.  Don’t just eat fruit and salad. And be happy!  Life is to be enjoyed while we endure to the end.  My favorite phrase: Haz lo Justo! (Choose the Right!)

Below is a picture of all the people going to Birmingham with me in December.  Poor Elder Wilson is stuck in such a big group of Hermanas!




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