I love Mexican FOOD!

Hi guys! This is the craziest week I swear.  We got here in the afternoon on Wednesday and they just started us right in with getting acquainted with the CCM.  It’s so pretty here, they call it paradise and it is.  Who wouldn’t want to study the gospel everyday surrounded by palm tress? Just wanted to mention the food, there is this pomegranate juice that they serve and it is the best.  Also fresh fruit and salad with stuff grown right here, I love it. It hasn’t messed with me too much but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.   (Also, the enchiladas are not so bad either:)

Being stuck with a complete stranger 24/7 can be quite jarring.  I´m learning a lot of patience and humility, it´s great though. I think marriage will be even easier and because you get to choose and you can leave go get a drink all by yourself whenever you want! haha.  Mi compañera is from Mesa, Arizona and Spanish is a new language for both of us! Everyone says not to worry about the language, it will come, just worry about the doctrine.  It´s funny though, I have to get over saying everything with a French accent.

What else to say? My teacher is a really funny native who is so nice and speaks really slowly so we can try to understand him.  We taught a lesson to an investigator on the second full day we were here, in Spanish! I guess that´s one way to introduce us to la idioma (language).  I miss all my family and friends back home but I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.  You guys, the Evangelio (Gospel) is true and Jesucristo loves us!  Remember 2 Nefi 10:23 and be happy! We are given hard times and trials so that we can know the good times and recognize joy.  I’ve only been here a week and I already know that missionary work is hard, but I challenge all of you to step it up a notch and share this wonderful news with everyone: we can live and be happy forever it we just come unto Christ.  “Give me your heart, Saith the Lord” and how blessed we will be if we do!  Stay on target (said in my best Star Wars voice), and remember: A life without a cause is a life without effect.  The church and the Gospel is the greatest cause we can be involved in.  Don’t be like Lot’s wife and look back to mistakes or bad things, it cost her her life.  Push forward, el Expiacion (Atonement) can heal all wounds and help us to become better people.  Through Christ ALL mankind may be saved, just obey!

Whenever you have a bad morning- yes, even missionaries have bad mornings, haha I already know-remember Nefi. He was tied to a boat for four days during a storm.  Can you imagine worse mornings? If he could endure his own brothers torment, we can do anything.  Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador, y el Dios es muy amoroso.  That’s about all the Spanish I can remember without notes.  I love you all!  If Hermana Fawcett’s mom is reading this know that she is doing great, we played soccer this morning and it was so great.   I love being a missionary, I look at my tag everyday and just can’t believe I’m here.  Stay strong guys, with the Lord you can do all things.  1 Nefi 17:50-51.  Until next week!

100_1864 100_1863  My companion is the one holding the skull candy thingy, she’s going to serve in San Antonio, TX.  They gave the skulls to us at lunch for Dia de los Muertes. The other Hermanas (above) are going to Alabama with me on the same day!  The pic of me is bad (it was today and I didn’t really get ready) but I’m just super proud of my name tag.  How blessed to be a representative of Christ! 100_1856


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